ANPR Systems Installation Cornwall

We install a variety of different ANPR cameras and systems depending on the requirements of the installation.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems

 ANPR cameras can be lined to network video recorders to simply monitor which vehicles exit and enter site and at which time they have entered. The benefit of using an ANPR camera over a general camera is the ability to capture a number plate when a vehicle is moving and at night.


Alternatively they can be linked with access control systems to allow access to vehicles which are permitted to sites. They can be used to control entry barriers and electric gates. This method of access control enables people to exit and enter site without any human interaction which can save business costs as there is no need have the system monitored.

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  • We have over 15 years experience in the security industry
  • High quality installations using the best products in the industry
  • All installations come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty

Benefits of ANPR Cameras

  • Installing gate and barrier systems are a reliable way of protecting your business or premises
    but if they are manually controlled it can be a time consuming task. A fully automated ANPR
    system means not only is your premises secure and safe but there will be no need for an
    employee to operate the system.
  • Having an ANPR camera installed enables companies to track when employees are exiting
    and leaving site and a record can be kept of this to ensure the site is only being accessed
    when it should be.
  • ANPR cameras are 99% accurate which means when records are being kept of people
    accessing site they are a lot more reliable than relying on human management of a system.
  • ANPR systems run 24/7 which means sites can be constantly monitored rather than relying
    of security patrols.