How Electric Barriers and Gates Can Increase Security?

Electric gates can be a great addition to any premises, commercial, industrial or domestic and can increase the security of these premises. Many companies in the UK fit security systems and provide a range of the services discussed in this article. When planning a security installation, make sure you do plenty of research and plan the installation and its uses when commissioned.   


Do Electric Gates Increase Security?

Adding an electric gate to your property can greatly increase security by preventing criminals from gaining easy access to your property. It offers increased protection by also preventing vehicles from gaining access. As with any security system, it is not always a hundred per cent effective without backup from other systems around it. It provides you with a deterrent that puts criminals off before they have struck.

How Does an Electric Barrier Work?

Electric barriers protect premises from vehicle entry and can monitor who is allowed entry and at what times they can gain access. The majority of barriers give people free exit to ensure people don’t end up trapped somewhere with no exit means. Alternately people may be refused entry and barriers may not let them exit if they haven’t paid parking fees. There are many other uses for barrier systems. They can be a great tool to improve sites’ health and safety; if there is a danger or accident, the site can be locked down and entry can be restricted.

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What Accessories Are Available For Gates and Barriers?

There are a variety of accessories available when installing electric gates which both increase ease of use and also increase security. One of the most used accessories is a video intercom system that works alongside electric gates, enabling anyone who may be a visitor to your property to ring the video intercom. The property owner can answer the call on either a faceplate in the house or their mobile device. Not only can the property owner speak to the visitor from anywhere in the world on their mobile device but they can open the gates for the visitor to allow access to the property. 

A great addition to an electric gate system are electric keypads or keyfob systems. These can allow you to give people who have regular access to your property either a code or keyfob to gain access. These systems can be managed to allow people access at certain times of day, for instance, a gardener turning up to work on a property between the hours of nine till five. If someone was to lose a keyfob, these management systems could be used to block the keyfob from working and codes to keypads can be changed regularly to improve security.   

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What are ANPR cameras? 

Automatic number plate registration cameras enable people to program registration plate numbers into a camera and the camera can be programmed to open either an electric gate or barrier. This means they can automatically open when people drive up to them, giving easy access to any premises. ANPR cameras are seen as the best addition to any install but can be an expensive option; holiday parks can link their booking software to the cameras, so it becomes fully automated for large sites that have lots of different visitors regularly.

Electric gates and barriers are an excellent addition to any security system providing a great deal of planning and thought is put into the final function and operation of them.

As a security system installer in Cornwall County, United Kingdom, we know how important is it to have a electric gate and electric barrier for your commercial properties. 

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