How to hire the best CCTV installer in the United Kingdom?

CCTV installation is one of the most important security measures a house or a business can take. Not only does it help protect your premises, but it also allows you to monitor and control the area in which your business operates. In order to find the best CCTV installer in the United Kingdom, you need to do your research. This guide will provide you with the best tips on how to hire the best installer and get the most effective CCTV coverage for your home or business.

Do Your Research

Before looking for a CCTV systems installer, spend some time researching CCTV online and asking questions in forums. Gather information on the best products on the market and try a gauge a rough idea of what you think the cost should be approximate. If you have an idea of the products that will be used, then when the companies come out to quote, you will have more of an idea of what they are discussing. Research which companies install CCTV in your area and when getting quotations, make sure you get at least three quotations from different people. This way, you will know if you are getting the right price for the work. 


Look at the company’s previous installations.

When getting quotations from company’s, ask if they have a portfolio of the previous work they have carried out. They may have photographs of different projects they have worked on and information on the work they have carried out. Installation companies often have reviews left on google from previous installations they have carried out. An option would also be to ask to speak to previous customers who have had installations carried out. 

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Check the parts the company plan to use

There are lots of different versions of CCTV cameras and some of them are a lot cheaper than others, but it is shown in the performance and quality of the camera. Some cheaper cameras don’t last as long as they should and also, the infra-red in the camera isn’t as strong, which gives you a poor image on a night. When the installer quotes the job, check the camera’s specification and ensure the cameras are of good quality.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

When looking for a CCTV installation company, the cheaper the quotation doesn’t mean it should be the one to go for. Ensure that the quotations you get from each company are like for like parts and materials to ensure you don’t end up going for a quotation with cheap materials. Make sure that the materials you are being supplied with are of good quality to ensure the installation lasts into the future.

how to hire best cctv installer

Check your warranty

When you decide which CCTV systems you would like to install and which company you would like to install, make sure you read through the warranty and guarantees you will get when paying for the systems. Ensure that there are no hidden costs and its clear what is covered for example parts and labour to replace the parts are covered also. If a part was to fail on the system, you don’t want to be having to pay an engineer to attend the site to repair it. 

On reflection, when choosing a CCTV installer, take your time and research the company and the products they are supplying to make sure you are getting the right product for you at the right price and remember a cheap CCTV install doesn’t always mean a quality install. 

CCTV installation can be a challenging task, but with the right installer, it can be a breeze. Check out our guide to find the best  installer for your needs in the United Kingdom.

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